Cancer – simply an unrepaired mistake in our DNA replication

Contribution and Sharing are powerful human elements that will help solve the cancer cure equation –  as a patient this is my contribution.

Steve Holmes

Sharing my thoughts about life with and without cancer.

What I have learned from cancer applies equally to all those who have never experienced cancer, and hopefully never will.

Cancer has taken so much away from you Steve, yet it can give you so much more if you let it – Erin (My first trial nurse)

I remember thinking, what drugs are you on Erin? I could hardly lift my eyes to acknowledge her weird if not whacky statement. But it somehow got stuck in me, I couldn’t file it anywhere. It was so bloody annoying and it haunted me for another 12 months before I finally got it, I now understood the words that Erin had gifted me. Yes, Erin, you were right!

Cancer can be a great teacher if you let it. It will shine a light on what was previously unseen. It will reveal a roadmap to a journey of your choice. All you need to pack is an “Unconditional Willingness and an open mind.” The only effort you will need to make is to take that next step and the one beyond that, until momentum reaches out and engages, lifting you up and beyond the now . . .

It’s a seemingly ridiculous discipline that we must undertake, whilst under the most relentless and endless pressure we have ever faced -BUT!

Anything and Everything is possible, while you remain open to its reality. It’s your beacon, so that opportunity and luck can always find their way to you – Sagh

The fastest pathway to curing cancer.

Deliver today’s medical breakthroughs today.
Delivering highly targeted breakthrough information to the “Newly Diagnosed Patient & Caregiver immediately after they receive a serious cancer diagnosis, will save lives today.

The formal cancer communications channels to the patient are essentially broken, clogged, and convoluted in red tape and other such obstructions. Yes, lives are unnecessarily lost by this alone.

A modern-day phenomenon

A paradigm shift is well underway

“The Globally Connected Patient & Caregivers Collective” – It is powerful and it will save lives today. It is a dynamic results-driven communications conduit, delivering the collective knowledge, experience, and wisdom directly to those most in need today.
“What fantastic organizations they are, to stand for us and ensure a signature day – The World Cholangiocarcinoma Day”
In my view these 2 Organizations add foundations to our efforts, together I feel comforted that they are ensuring that my words above are a reality – Thank you for this video, and thank you for your continuing efforts.

Ok, you now have an insight into my thoughts as a patient, I sincerely hope something resonates. Melinda’s words are powerful, but her expression of them is more telling. Melinda and I share so much in common, we are great friends through cancer – we both allowed cancer to be our teacher 

Regards Steve