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Equipping and Empowering every “Newly Diagnosed Patient”
with a Cancer Tool Kit immediately upon diagnosis.

Engage an Oncologist that is experienced with Cholangiocarcinoma. A critical distinction: Knowing ‘of’ Cholangiocarcinoma is not the same as ‘having experience’ with Cholangiocarcinoma – choose wisely.

Engage an Oncologist that is open and approachable to your observations, suggestions and questions.

Get treated at a major well resourced hospital that is experienced and current with Cholangiocarcinoma – including treatments and trials options

Primary Origin:
Know your primary tumour, is it Intrahepatic (In the bile duct within the Liver) or Extrahepatic (In the bile duct outside the liver)

MSI /PDL Status:
Ask your Oncologist for an IHC test to discover MSI-High and or PDL-1 Expression, this is very important before proceeding with any form of treatment program – you may qualify for immunotherapy. Also view Immuno 101 for Patient and Caregivers

Molecular Profile:
Get your tumours biomarkers tested, this Molecular Profiling provides a road map and vision to available treatments and trial options.

Engage & Connect:
Join a Cholangiocarcinoma Group on Facebook, engage with others who are like you. Our groups have considerable patient and caregiver experience and are connected worldwide. 

Understand that shared information is powerful it improves outcomes and creates new realities for all of us struggling with Cholangiocarcinoma. Sharing is a two way deal!

Mentors Wanted

We believe the power of the Globally Connected Patient will prove to be a vital link in realising the cure. Together we are the Collective sum of all trials, Experiences, Knowledge and Wisdoms, we see all the results as they unfold. – A new phenomenon only just beginning to be realised. Improving Outcomes and Curing Patients with today’s knowledge TODAY!

Cancer Tool Kit Series

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  • EQUIP: Every "Newly Diagnosed Patient" with a Cancer Tool Kit immediately upon diagnosis.
  • EMPOWER: All who are connected or impacted  by one Cancer Diagnosis.
  • CONNECT: Newly Diagnosed Patients and Caregivers to our Globally Community

Ensuring that the Newly Diagnosed Patient are empowered with todays lifesaving information, TODAY!

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