Newly Diagnosed Patient & Caregiver

Newly Diagnosed
Patient & Caregiver

We give your ‘Hope’ its first plan

A roadmap to best outcomes from day one.

CCA Australia takes in a full global view then centralises, simplifies, and shares the most current information with you.

As a “Newly Diagnosed Patient” there are some inescapable “Priority Must-Do’s from the moment of diagnosis. This is what the Patient Toolkit guides you through.

You must take responsibility for your own education and become an advocate for yourself, this is not something that most feel comfortable with, but you will improve as you move forward.

As “Newly Diagnosed Patients” we all begin with that first tentative, scary step as we stumble headfirst into a challenge that is beyond our comprehension. You must find some composure and gain a basic knowledge of Cholangiocarcinoma.

Please do not attempt to go this alone, read the Patient Cancer Tool kit and begin ticking off the priority must-do’s one at a time – this will lay down the best foundations for the journey ahead.

Steve Holmes

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