The Matt Reidy story serves as a beacon for many. As each of us face off, endure or battle the oppressive CC Beast, we seek out the best pathway back to normality.

Cholangiocarcinoma Australasia is - Home of the CC Warriors

Shared information is powerful it improves our Outcomes

What experienced patients are recommending to new patients

The 6 most important Patient to Patient recommendations.
  1. Seek advice and direction from Oncologist and Surgeons who are Current Experts with Cholangiocarcinoma.
  2. Treatment should ideally be at a major well resourced hospital that is current with Cholangiocarcinoma.
  3. Your medical team needs to be current and or connected to Trial Options.
  4. Get your tumour genetically tested – Know your tumours genetic makeup and treatment options.
  5. Do you qualify for immunotherapy, typically Keytruda or Opdivo (Checkpoint Inhibitors)
  6. Your Oncologist needs to be open to your observations, suggestions and questions.
Did you see the Matt Reidy Story?

Matt Reidy Story

Matt’s facebook Group (USA) 
Cholangiocarcinoma Immunotherapy & Targeted Therapy

This group is a place for Cholangiocarcinoma patients and/or their primary caregiver who are interested in targeted treatments/drugs to share experiences and support each other.  Targeted treatments include anything that target specific biologic markers, genetic mutations, etc. For example: Keytruda, Opdivo, TAS120, TAS102, AG120, etc.
You can see this group on this link

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Matt also features prominently in the facebook Group (USA)
Cholangiocarcinoma Warriors (Patients Only- fighters&survivors)

This group was created for Cholangiocarcinoma patients (those of us actively fighting and survivors). Once you request to join be on the look out for a message sent to messenger

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Australia’s – CCA
Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Facebook Group

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I would describe myself as the classic modern day ‘Active Lifestyler’ which really means I am over 50 and clinging to my diminishing youth. I am an ‘Active lifestyler’ by bike and foot. I love to swim, cycle or run everyday and yes that includes the all important post coffee bull sessions. 

I have been incredibly fortunate via Merck's Keytruda to have been pulled back out of Cholangio's jaws of death in my the last moments (days) topside. Dr Mathew Burge and Keytruda threw me a "Hail Mary Pass" and I fortunately caught it, returning back home to my family and the safety of solid ground.

I learn't the value of "choice," and in particular the choice to trying. To chose to "try"even in the face of no outcome, no future, and no proof - I learnt that this is an equal opportunity deal for all who consciously breath, a choice until our last breath.

I have been given a second if not third chance to get back up and do something really special with this opportunity.

Sharing and extending the reach and awareness of our CC Warrior battle, is a good starting point for me. There are many Warriors rising above their dire circumstances and outcomes, they are doing really great things globally. I intend to do what I can to help my family of CC Warriors back up to the safety of solid ground.

My Diary/story
My Walk with Cholangio the beast

Shared information is powerful it improves our Outcomes

Please say gidday

Cheers Steve
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.