A starting point for the next generation of cholangiocarcinoma patient success in Australia.

Updated 22 July 2022
By Steve Holmes
CCA Australia

Improving patient survival outcomes is the only true measure.

I continue to lean into a difficult community cancer challenge in developing a Cholangiocarcinoma-specific focus here in Australia. Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) has very specific needs at all levels from Patient to Community to Medical providers to Medical Research and the implementation of new curative initiatives. Currently, there is no formal CCA structure in place to support this effort.

This is an enormous seemingly aspiration task, but so too was overcoming terminal stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma.

International efforts and initiatives are gaining credible early-stage inroads into improving CCA outcomes which unfortunately are currently positioned among the worst of the worst as measured in 5-year survival. The USA CCA diagnosis rate per 100,000 is 2.4, and Australia has climbed to 5.0.

As with any challenge beyond our conscious measure, everything must begin with that first step and the one beyond that until momentum reaches out and engages our efforts. I along with others who have not been so fortunate have taken many many steps to get here today.

Do you have the willingness/capacity, and or skill to help create the following objectives~

CCA Australia objectives
  • Formalise CCA Australia
    CCA Australia Foundation – “CCF Australia” Emulating and aligning with the USA model
  • Information Conduit
    Ensure that all current international CCA relevant and breakthrough information reaches the patient’s medical provider’s toolbox at the time of diagnosis.
  • Finding a cure – contributing to the success equation.
    Provide dedicated research and resources that cultivate essential knowledge and application in the field of model systems, genetic and genomic pathways.
  • CCA-specific innovations and
    Innovations and research which can create/ open up new pathways and options for both diagnosis and drug discovery.

I welcome any help on these objectives, call Steve 0415 153 522 or email steve@cholangiocarcinoma.com.au

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