About Steve

I would describe myself as the classic modern day ‘Active Lifestyler’ which really means I am over 50 and clinging to my diminishing youth. I am an ‘Active lifestyler’ by bike and foot. Yes I love to cycle and run almost everyday, which includes the all important coffee sessions that follow. I am Chief Editor and 'Wordology' Landscaper here at and the Patient Collective - the home of the Cancer Tool Kit Series. - I have also endured and survived Metastatic Stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma which took me to my edge, and to within moments of my last breath. It was there that I learn't that life gives you the opportunity of an unrestricted freedom of 'Choice,' to either choose to "Try or don't Try - and you get to do that right up until your breath." Having an unconditional Willingness is also a pretty hang human asset. Please say gidday anytime. Cheers Steve
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