What is CCA Australia?

Cholangiocarcinoma Australia is a centralised resource and community for Patients, Caregivers, and Advocates of the diagnosed patients.

What do we do?

We work to better educate, equip and empower the newly diagnosed patient and caregiver to mount a robust response to a Cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis.

We are Globally Connected

Key connections/Associations
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  1. Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (USA)
  2. CCF 2021 Sub SteeringĀ  Committee
  3. CCF Conference Salt Lake City
  4. CCA NZ
  5. AMMF UK

Do you have the capacity to pitch in and help us with our efforts? We certainly need you. Email steve@cholangiocarcinoma.com.au or Ph 0415 153 522 (Steve)

CCA Australia Origins

Cholangiocarcinoma Australia began life in 2017 has a personal online library (& diary) for Claire and Steve Holmes. Claire began researching on the subject of Cholangiocarcinoma in her efforts to find information about this little-known deadly aggressive cancer. Steve her husband was the patient – “Extrahepatic Metastatic Stage 4” with just a 6 months survival outlook.

At that time there was little known about Cholangiocarcinoma other than it was a terminal outlook if surgery was not successful. There were no in-depth information resources via the Australian health system and Google was also very limited and dire. In-depth searches did not yield any successful patient outcomes to motivate Claire and Steve’s efforts.

Over time Steve made a remarkable recovery due to a very recent medical breakthrough, described as the biggest medical breakthrough since penicillin. In his recovery, Steve began reorganising this website into a central resource hub so that other patients and caregivers could benefit from what had been learned. Cholangiocarcinoma Austalia continues to evolve quickly and in line with current medical breakthroughs.

Current initiatives are to establish a Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation here in Australia (in progress) as a not-for-profit entity to ensure the momentum here in Australia continues and keeps pace with global CCA initiatives. If you are reading this and can assist or help Claire and Steve achieve this please contact Steve.

Sharing is the greatest of all resources we humans possess. Steve & Claire Holmes