A Centralised Knowledge Hub

By Patients & Caregivers for Patients & Caregivers

A Centralised Knowledge Hub
by Patients and Caregivers for Patients and Caregivers.

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Please ensure you begin with the Patient Intro Kit, you need to form a basic information foundation before you proceed.

Please orientate yourself with the “Intro Kit” before proceeding.
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The Globally Connected Patient and Caregiver Collective continue to grow and empower the CCA effort around the globe. A collective of peer-to-peer Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom.

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Specific Directory for Australia & New Zealand Pateints

Please email claire@cholangiocarcinoma.com.au

We are looking for patient and caregiver recommended

  1. Surgeons
  2. Oncologists
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  4. GP’s
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NED (No Evidence of Disease) | Complete Remission

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Patients that had
Chemotherapy + Surgery + Immunotherapy and now ‘NED’
Patients that had
Chemotherapy + Immunotherapy only (ie no surgery) and now ‘NED’
Patients that had
Surgery + Chemotherapy and now ‘NED’
Patients that had a
Liver Transplant with or without Chemotherapy and now ‘NED’
Patients that had
Surgery only (No other treatment post-surgery) and now ‘NED’

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